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Subject Texas to execute a Woman tonight. Here's why ... (hint: she didn't even use a Gun!)
Poster Handle Bucephelus
Post Content

Pictured below is Ms. Kimberly McCarthy, who is scheduled
to get the needle tonight in the great state of Texas.


Yeah, she's a Woman, and yeah, she was a Crack addict,
and yeah, she's Black. So what.

Here's the short version what she did to deserve her fate
after SIXTEEN YEARS on Death Row:

-- on an evening in 1997, this former nursing home therapist
phoned her elderly next door neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar

-- sometime after gaining entry to her neighbor's home,
Ms. McCarthy began beating her elderly neighbor to death
with a large candlestick holder

-- to finish off the victim, Ms. McCarthy got a large butcher
knife from the neighbor's kitchen and stabbed her multiple times

-- after ransacking her now-dead neighbor's home, she then used the
butcher knife to saw off the elderly victim's finger
because she
couldn't get the ring off to sell the jewelry for Crack

-- although not convicted of the other crimes, Ms. McCarthy
is believe to have bludgeoned two other elderly women in the area

And note that it's not because of any type of firearm that
Ms. McCarthy will be roasting in hell tonight.

It's because of her own Evil, selfish and inhuman decisions.

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