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Message Subject Gays have more balls than gun owners
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
listen.. we already have the right.


and if you think the people are actually gonna hand over their guns one day then you're in for a wake up call
 Quoting: Joey_Knish

Ermm...The right is being removed!

And people are already handing over their guns!

I'm in for the wake up call - whoever can't see what is coming isn't paying attention.

More children will die for your guns to be handed in (or the media will claim they have died).

The public will march in order to ban guns before you guys march to keep them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1266452

Can't help but agree here, Gun Control is coming, many are saying it's already here.

There wouldn't be such big attention on it if not.

Of-course there will be people who will say NO, but in reality if the military are going house to house in huge squads your fucked. If places get too messy they will bring in heavy armour and/or drones.

Why all this talk of "will you shoot U.S citizens" ???
Why all the ammo they stocked up on??
Why all the riot gear?
The weapons?
Fema Camps?

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