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Message Subject Gays have more balls than gun owners
Poster Handle Abi ~
Post Content
...At least they marched for their rights.

WTF are you doing?!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1266452

Maybe they are all busy perfecting their aims, cleaning their guns, stocking up, and laying low for when they will be needed..

Why is it that so many on here think that gun owners should be out in mass mobs?(wrong thing to do at this moment)

That would be just what tptb want...

Oh, look, dear, the crazy, gun toting, hillbillies have banded together and are coming for us...

Lord have mercy..
time to bring out the swat teams, blast them with tear gas, zap em with the stun guns, beat them down with clubs...

Finally, just what we have been pushing for...
Now, we can round them up and put them in camps...No more guns, no more crazy, illiterate, hillbillies, no more school shootings...OUR JOB HERE IS DONE!!!

Seriously..for all those trying to push action, THINK about your words and taunts before you spew them from your useless eatin pie holes!!!
Have a nice day ;)

and sorry OP, you took the brunt of my exasperation at all the threads about this..

oridin siren2
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