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Message Subject abscessed tooth can I pull it out myself?
Poster Handle Lole Ibn Plutoon
Post Content
I know that feel.
I have 6 wisdom that i never got pulled, 2 are impacted, and one cavity on one of them has turned into an abscess. Once it swelled up real bad and i got a fever, so i put a black tea bag in my mouth and sucked on it for awhile, it will bring the swelling down. Then i took a sewing needle and heated it up and dipped it in peroxide and poked the shit out of the swelling till all this crap oozed out. Healed up fine. still gives me problems, but i've heard that you can break it off in your jaw trying to pull it out, and that can lead to an infection that gets in your blood and brain, causing death.. so i havent done much since then till i can get an oral surgeon to fix it..
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