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Message Subject abscessed tooth can I pull it out myself?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wonder how in the heck you will accomplish that? The root is very deep. There is a reason the dentist gives you four shots of novacaine. It hurts like hell, and is hard to pull out. If you are suffering, go to the emergency dentist. There is a free dentist for emergency dental care in at least one large city in every state. You can call DHS and find out where the closest emergency dentist is if you don't insurance. In the meantime, you can visit a walkin clinic, and get cheap antibiotics that will cost about 4.00 to fill at walmart. Tell your doc that you need cheap antibiotics, that you are trying to use the 4.00 plan at walmart. Also, your doc can probably prescribe a few pain pills. Ask her to prescribe one that is cheapest to fill at walmart. Your visit to the doc, plus your medicine might cost around 100.00
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