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Are you certain of the equation? Are you familiar with the "law of deminishing returns"?

Even a democracy is just over 50%.....but you need 100%? Are you certain you know whats required for 100%?

Of course mankind would never meet yor expectations. Just like God said not one of you all will keep my Laws (that's a FAT 0%)....there are only 10 Laws.

Glad I do not work for you. hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1371470

I repeat my previous statement.

Mankind is currently NOT in harmony
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes

What is your definition of Harmony. It is impossiblre for the entire set to be in harmony.....those alive yet incapacitated etc etc.....but of the 100 % of the viable harmonizers.....how long or in what manner do you peacfully expect all 100% to be in harmony....and harmony over what exactly?

That is why ancient scriptures have God just getting on with it and working with what was on hand. If we waited for everyone to be on the same page.......we might not have ever left the Garden! hf
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1371470

It is my job to know if mankind is in harmony or not.

This world is Vibrations, Frequency, Energy, Harmonics

If everyone was in harmony you will FEEL it.

In the music you would HEAR it.
 Quoting: Open Your Eyes


Oh stop with the Bullshit OK? If you really mean that OK, but you did not experience the universe as you say...that is how you desire it. You learned that from another man. The extraordinary is in the ordinary....experience it....never read about it.

God's written Law kills.....but the Spirit of God's Law gives Life.


BTW - How can you first tell me that Mankind is not in Harmony then you say....it is not your job to know if Mankind is in harmony......that is Bush League Baby! You hemmed yourself into your own paradox......sort of like some of our lives?

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