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The real theory of gravity.
Your cells have electrons but they are not in the perceived circular orbit, it is elliptical like that of the earth.
Gravity is the attraction caused by the love of the mother earth for us (electromagnetism) which is not being reciprocated by us at this moment. When you show that love then your frequency changes and their orbit becomes circular, and hence you are weightless, you can fly.
Why did you think people say 'lighten up' or your 'heavy', it is because your weight changes with emotion and the cycle of the moon.
The Creator is pure genius to create a system based on love.

Law of physics, action and reaction are equal and opposite. But if you give then you get much more back, the Fibonacci spiral! So if you return adversity with a smile and love then you can fly into the next dimension and the heaven on earth. That is the conclusion of the perfection incarnation.
We have earth, fire, water, air, and love.
'All you need is love', now where have I heard that?
Believe in 'HIM' as 'HE' believes in you, find yourself and you find 'HIM' and the Universe.
Bless you
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