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Subject Gold buying advice to UK investor please (pro and con)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would like to get lots of advice, pro and con about buying gold.
I am in the UK but would welcome input from all.

Here is my situation.
I am mortgage and debt free.

Inflation has made me concentrate on buying in tinned and non perishable goods. I have several years supplies and have quite frankly run out of storage space.

I have bought clothing that will last me several years (eg prices for cheap trainers have doubled in 18 months) so i have several years in hand now.
I have cash in hand to deal with emergencies.
I garden and have good tools and several years of seed storage on hand.

It is the usual problem that you need to have many thousands of pounds before a savings account pays interest above our inflation rate.

I have an account but it pays 0.25% to savings below £5000 (thats why i stocked up on food that was increasing in price at a huge rate)

Would it be a good idea to start buying gold ?
(even in small amounts)

Does anyone have any reputable links for UK companies ?.

Do any of you people have alternative ideas for me ?

Many thanks
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