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Message Subject Gold buying advice to UK investor please (pro and con)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i do it a bit differently, i dont use my money, i use my energy to find new ways of making money or products to specifically buy silver. i am currently selling junk on ebay, never a thought on price or money, its purely energy spent for silver, just a different way of thinking i guess but it works great, so instead of thinking about spending youre money on silver think of a way you can spend some time and energy where the end result is silver, i hope that makes sense, started thinking in terms of energy spent instead of spending money, its the all mighty dollar that is in decline not silver.then there is no fear or worries. it doesnt take too much energy with a creative mind to aquire a silver round. so tonight shut the tv off for two hours and spend some time on obtaining gold or silver, find some crap laying around the house you dont use and put on ebay, or sell or trade to get silver, perhaps you are crafty, . i have two chainsaws i just rebuilt im going to turn into 10 ounces of silver, the thought of making money off these efforts never entered my mind, couple hours a week for two weeks and they are going on ebay soon, then i get paid and instantly buy silver, energy well spent, the energy i spend getting money has stayed consistent, its not should i but how will you, anyway i have fun and i would not have a stack of rounds if i was thinking the way i used too. spend some energy on a garden too, hope i make sense, good luck
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