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Message Subject Actors Walking in Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse - Creating The Illusion of More People
Poster Handle ZEROeffect
Post Content

I added this video to show everyone what happens when you go to Sandy Hook to try and investigate. You will get shut out.

I knew this would happen. It amazes me that people from Canada have to go to the USA to try and get real answers. This brings up the question, Why are you guys in the USA not doing your own research? Maybe us Canadians are not yet as brainwashed or something? Just wondering, not meaning to offend.

So it looks like actors where used for sure.

It also looks like everyone in the town has A: been told to shut up about it. or B: in on it.

I vote in on it as I have a feed from a youtubers account saying he gets payed $200,000.00 per year to play along...He is about 19-23 years old and is from Sandy Hook.
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