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Message Subject Goodbye to fossil fuels, deforestation, pharms, diseases, mental disorders, junkfood, war, famine, ignorance. Hello cannabis and magic mushrooms
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If you simply don't know, as in you've never had the guts to try a natural substance famous for relieving pain, anxiety, etc. Then I can't talk to you.
 Quoting: Dr. Greenthumb

Agreed. There ar several highly regarded studies touting the benefits of cannabis and mushroom use. Especially in dealing with the side effects of cancer. THC can inhibit tumor growth and is great for nausea related to chemo. Shrroms are being studies as a viable way to eliminate existential dread (fear of death) in terminal cancer patients. So far, studies are favorable. These substances are considered "sacrament" in many ethnic circles. Side effects of their use are VASTLY lower than name brand drugs used for the same treatments.

[link to www.nowpublic.com]
[link to www.worldhealth.net]

[link to www.bpru.org]
[link to clinicaltrials.gov]
[link to www.heffter.org]

I am in remission from Stage IIIB Malignant modular melanoma with mets to the lymph nodes. I can attest to the beneficial nature of both of these... its a HUGE quality of life issue. OP may have a point, as cancer rates may climb as we are exposed to more amd more radiation in the coming years we may be relying on these sacraments more than we do at present. (Especially when Intron costs 1600$ a week....)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1282620

I love hearing testimonies like yours. Congratulations on getting good results with your cancer. My husband wasn't so lucky. When we asked his doctor about marijuana he was laughed at and we sadly did not pursue it further and he unfortunately died after a long battle.

Keep up the faith and keep strong in what you are doing. They are finding now that the traditional treatments for cancer such at chemo are not helping at all but hurting which is in line with our experiences.

Much love to you and yours.
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