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Message Subject Doesn't anyone else understand the connection between ascension and not eating animals?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i believe it comes down to raising your frequency. The topic of frequencies and energies is fairly big. But the bottom line is everything vibrates and resonates on a certain frequency.
"enlightened" beings are said to resonate on a very high frequency. Theres alot of ways to change your frequency and diet is one of them. How you control your emotions and thoughts will also do this.

when we researh topics we like to find the truth. as we expand our consciousness we have to make a decision on what we feel the truth to be.
alot of people on here realise that we have been tricked and mislead in almost all aspects of life and diet is one of them.

the FACT that meat and diary cause many many illnesses is one factor. but when we look at it further, we learn that slaughter houses are a major contributor to world pollution. Its also a major contributor to world famine. you consume the emotion of the animal etc theres lots more

the point is knowing and realising that this whole meat market is bad and causing damage world wide. You cant ignore it anymore just because "it tastes nice"

spirituality comes into this through knwoing that you have to follow the right path, the path that is best for humanity and every living creature.

This topic is super deep. you may think you have awoken and stepped out the matrix, but keep going and you should come to the same conclusion.

hf afro peace
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33225391

That was a well thought out response. For me the 'changes' in awareness I experienced materialized first, and then that served as the catalyst to motivate me to make changes to my diet & to eat healthier. That's why OP's assertion that you must change your diet first is not fitting from my experience - one's level of awareness is much more complex and runs much deeper than just the influence of diet alone. I think as awareness changes you will find your behaviors/tendencies shifting as a result. Often times it is extremely difficult to change your habits/behaviors without modifying your awareness & perception first to pave the way for a transition.


I tired to stay within the diet sector. i do most definitely agree with your post. very interesting perspective! one i hadnt really thought about. i hope you dont mind me asking but by any chance are you a woman?

as a male i suppose i follow the thought process as looking at the individual pieces to see the picture as a whole. from what ive researched woman tend to see the whole first and then the pieces.

but would i also be right in thinking that if you are or in general when your spiritual awareness grows, the male and female energies become more as one or equal?
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