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Message Subject Doesn't anyone else understand the connection between ascension and not eating animals?
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content

I tired to stay within the diet sector. i do most definitely agree with your post. very interesting perspective! one i hadnt really thought about. i hope you dont mind me asking but by any chance are you a woman?

as a male i suppose i follow the thought process as looking at the individual pieces to see the picture as a whole. from what ive researched woman tend to see the whole first and then the pieces.

but would i also be right in thinking that if you are or in general when your spiritual awareness grows, the male and female energies become more as one or equal?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33225391

Male here... I think you are definitely accurate in your thinking about the male & female aspects/energies becomming more 'balanced' as your awareness rises. 

Back to what I was alluding to above about awareness changing first and paving the way for changes in your behaviors/tendencies. Often times with serious drug/alcohol addicts you will hear that they have to hit 'rock bottom' or 'bottom out' before they will be open to instituting real changes in their lifestyle. Prior to that happening their awareness/perception of their circumstances remains unwavering and unchanged and they cannot create any real 'change' in their behavior because they revert back to the same mindset that got them to where they currently find themselves.

But when they hit rock bottom there is something about that experience that alters their awareness/perception of their circumstances and that shift in the awareness opens the door to those individuals creating real changes in their behaviors/tendencies to treat & address their addictions. So I definitely think there is something to this line of thinking.

I used to be a a regular beer drinker/connoisseur for many years but I've found that I can barely stand to consume much alcohol at all anymore. Maybe a beer here and there but I cannot drink frequently nor in large volumes anymore like I had done in the past. It definitely slows me down and feels counter-productive to my well-being. Another behavior I can't bring myself to do anymore is to listen to any music that carries an angry/negative/depressing tone or message. There's a lot of music in my library I won't listen to anymore as I no longer enjoy the way it makes me feel / affects my mood. Now if someone had intervened in my life and told me to stop drinking beer and listening to certain types of music when I was still enjoying these activities, I would have told them to get lost. I couldn't make those changes until I was personally ready to want to do so on my own accord/terms - and not because of the criticism or influence of others, but because it was what I felt was right for me at the correct time.
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