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Message Subject Doesn't anyone else understand the connection between ascension and not eating animals?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I did a two week detox with NO meat products what so ever complete vegan and WOW my pinel gland started opening brighter then I've seen it in a long time.
(for those that don't know it's when you close your eyes but are able to see normally it goes dark for those with toxins and calcification seems going with out meat helps rebuild the body ???)

So from my experience yes detoxing from meat will advance you spiritually HOW EVER it is DETOXING which means you will get sick before you get healthy. I stopped and as I do weights to build my body found it harder to source my energy and muscle development from just vegetables and other nutrients. So when one does decide to drop meat you have to be very carful think of it like this..

If you take a crack addict and remove his drug what happens to his body ? The withdrawals can kill them depending on how dependant their body has become. Their blood literally becomes itchy so in order to detox from drug dependancy you have to ween your self off.

So with meat you have to ween your self off the addiction and learn how to harness Parana energy (think of star wars the 'force' or god or the holy vibration the great void etc etc the energy that governs all things is what you learn to "breath" back into your chakara system)

It is easy if you know exactly what to do but needs a lot of consideration and inner reprogramming for those starting out as your body's celular structure needs to learn how to replenish it self from all natural sources besides meat. To tell this straight up to meat eaters is hard with out offering a complete solution. They lie to us about everything our body is capable of doing like self healing on a deep level. Cancer is just miscommunication of cells with in your body learn to talk to your body heal from within is easy common practice instead of voodoo magic.

So when you eat meat remember you eat the emotions of that death and considering the way they are killed the endorphines released into the meat along with the posions of antibiotics and all that other bs they pump into them your body absorbes it. That fear and anxiety can come form the meat you eat when your body absorbs the energy/chemicals that create a heart rhythm change.

Remember Emotions are ENERGY IN MOTION control the heart you control your self thats why they teach us it's jump a pump rather then the source of your thoughts as the way your heart beats will control the flow of thoughts your brain thinks. So really your heart is the center of your thought process and the power source to your very being. Go with in all knowledge and wisdom is there if you are willing to listen.

God is you experiencing life subjectively look in the mirror and ask your self where is your conscience really ? Where were you before this precious moment you've chosen to be in ?

Infinity, no start time no end time always was always will be with this said why are you forever in the present moment ? Center of the universe from your own perspective surly this life isn't your first so why is it you no longer remember the last one lived ? Journey into dream time all answers are with in you, all you need to do is learn which questions to ask as you have all the answers already.


I do not die, I awaken to the dream that I lived...
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