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Message Subject Doesn't anyone else understand the connection between ascension and not eating animals?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Vegans are dumb as fuck, because the 'plants' they eat are also living beings. You have to kill them in order to eat them. Or at least rip parts of them.

So why not compromise ? Just not kill the whole chicken, just cut off the wings and eat them. Should be fitting, right ?

Fucking morons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33255216

Plants are a higher vibration with a more pure source of energy. Meat is a dense vibration and currently most live stock polluted.

You can still eat and process meat in emergency would be ideal but to sustain the body on a heavy meat diet is dangerous and leads to many aliments.

So hey is your body eat what you want just dont be so quick to dismiss obvious truths. Think of this if you eat a salad do you feel more energetic then if you eat meat ? After a big meal of meat you feel tired as your body needs to break this down hardly sounds like a source of energy. Eat plants you gain energy dont feel lethargic as you can process this materiel much easy'er.

So really you just a dumb meat head XD STFU with name calling this is child tactics be a man and debate truth.
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