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Message Subject Restless Leg! need help!
Poster Handle littlemiracles
Post Content
Rls sucks, especially for partners of those with rls. That crap gets annoying. My fiance literally rolled over to his stomach and put his bare foot in my face at 2am once. I had to use all my effort to remove his foot from near my face, and he still thinks it isnt cause for concern. the leg shaking is most annoying though--shakes the whole bed. It doesnt help that i am easily annoyed. I cant see how he gets enough sleep with the leg movements waking him up. And when he snores/stops breathing, the rls is worse during and just after (kicking and leg shaking, probly lacking oxygen). I swear it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21738912

I know what you mean, I've annoyed my previous and current girlfriend wkth it sooo much. I have an extreem case, so I'm usually ready to take a saw to it after nights of not sleeping, I can only imagine how crappy that is for her. It sucks, I know for some it is just annoying creepy feeling in their leg, but it has evolved for me, into a very painful feeling into my arms and leg at the same time. I haven't tried magnesium, I'm going to try that. Thanks for all the advice. You guys are seriously helpful here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4421057

I have an extreme case too, my poor mate...
If the mirapex and sex doesn't work...I also try "riding a bike" you know, in bed with your legs in the air for about 5 minutes pedaling.
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