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Message Subject Restless Leg! need help!
Poster Handle kc27
Post Content
Had RLS for 5 years. There are 2 types" Type A is slow onset, usually early (20's-30's). Type B is sudden onset, usually later in life. Type B is caused by a mineral deficiency (usually iron, but magnesium can play a roll for the anemic here too). Go to your county Dr. or clinic if you have one and ask specifically for a FERRITIN test. You may have normal iron levels but be unable to use it.. This rules out type B (for iron deficiency anyway), if your level is above 50. If it below that, even tho you may be in the normal range, that could be the cause of your RLS. While my iron level was building back up (supplements), I used a product from Canada called All Calm which is a Magnesium CITRATE. It is absorbable and you may be surprised, if your RLS is mineral related (Type B) at the relief you can get from this. Magnesium sulfate (pills) don't work because it is too hard on your system to take enough to get real relief. Hope this is helpful. I suffered for 4 years needlessly because I had an arrogant doctor who told me he was an expert on rls. He wasn't. Educate yourself. Stay away from their alopathic drugs and use what nature gave us, it works! Best of luck.
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