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Message Subject Alberta economy is about to nosedive...
Poster Handle CalmShock
Post Content

Yeah, that has about as much of a chance of happening as an 8.1 earthquake.

As for the mayor... I didn't vote for him.

[link to www.edmontonsun.com]

[link to www.calgaryherald.com]

[link to www.infoport.ca]

You're no longer welcome in Alberta EAT. Pack your shit and get your pessimist attitude out of here.

 Quoting: CalmShock

You're a typical ass hat Calgarian. Bunch of Brokeback Cowboys down in Calgary these days.
Like I said... Calgarians think the good times will always be here and their shit don't stink.
 Quoting: ººEATºº

How many people that move to Alberta move to Edmonton? Nobody wants to live in that filthy degenerate city so they come to Calgary, the land of opportunity.

Edmontons glory days are long gone, Calgary is the new hub of success in Alberta.

Did you even read the articles? We're booming.

"CALGARY — Alberta’s economic boom is showing little sign of slowing down, according to the latest RBC Economics Provincial Outlook released Thursday.

RBC forecasts that Alberta will continue to be among the fastest-growing provincial economies in 2013 with a real GDP growth rate of 3.5 per cent, second only to Newfoundland & Labrador’s 4.4 per cent.

Alberta will regain the top spot in the country in 2014 with Real GDP growth forecast at 4.2 per cent."

 Quoting: CalmShock

Calgary is mostly white collar jobs. Edmonton is blue collar jobs.

When shit goes south Edmonton will find a way and Calgary will die off. Calgary has nothing going for it, other then banff and that generates a laughably small amount of income.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1411797

When shit goes south? Shit is not going to go south anytime soon, as I've already provided links proving that.

People in Edmonton are jealous of Calgary. It's a sense of entitlement. Calgary left Edmonton in the dust and we also have a better hockey team.
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