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Message Subject Alberta economy is about to nosedive...
Poster Handle stinky1
Post Content
EAT, you're almost as bad at predicting the economy as you are at predicting earthquakes.

[link to www.theglobeandmail.com]

I live in Calgary and the housing market is expected to strengthen considerably over the next couple years.

The oil sands are creating a new boom.

You're just a fear monger and likely mildly retarded.
 Quoting: CalmShock

You guys down in Calgary are in for the shock of your life. Calgary has changed... Calgary thinks it is 'invincible'. Calgary is delusional if you ask me. Calgary is going to fall the hardest because it went the highest the fastest. Wonder what your Muslim mayor will do when everyone is crying?
 Quoting: ººEATºº

Yeah, that has about as much of a chance of happening as an 8.1 earthquake.

As for the mayor... I didn't vote for him.

[link to www.edmontonsun.com]

[link to www.calgaryherald.com]

[link to www.infoport.ca]

You're no longer welcome in Alberta EAT. Pack your shit and get your pessimist attitude out of here.

 Quoting: CalmShock

You're a typical ass hat Calgarian. Bunch of Brokeback Cowboys down in Calgary these days.
Like I said... Calgarians think the good times will always be here and their shit don't stink.
 Quoting: ººEATºº

Hey Eat congrats to starting a smart thread. I usually wish you'd drop dead with your stupid threads but this is a good one. I'm with you. We are screwed. I'm in GP. This town and others where the drilling and gas plants are is where the moneycomes from. Calgary is a massive nothing burger. Imigrants and useless office people in sky rises working for the american owned o/g companies. Calgary will be zombie ville as half of those office jobs are redundant. We saw that in 2008, the panic. I visited my family in calgary in 08 and it was panic city, everyone was talking and paranoid. The squirl with the big nuts is a R'tard. Probably drives a Mercedes SUV. Just came from the rv show in gp. 70 thousand dollar ski boats, the idiots don't have property or the means to feed themselves.
Once the cascading collapse sets in there is no turning back. When the interest rates go up or like you say Australia's oil field starts producing we are done. The u.s. will not need our sulphur rich and cheap oil soon either, They have abundant oil. We got nothing in Alberta but the o/g industry and everyones maxed out in this false Utopia. I have been in the o/g industry for 15 yrs my opinions are more valid than the squirels. Any upset and it's lites out for Alberta. We are on the edge. If you look at the numbers and according to a candian per capita statistic our canadian debt situation is only half of what the u.s. has. The burp and we are screwed. The Phillipinoes will be heading home looking for work.Canadian F
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