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Message Subject so if we live in a fallen world, then are we not children of the fallen?
Poster Handle Dr. Greenthumb
Post Content
This is how I picture the world of tomorrow: Naked bodies, populated tropics, wild grapes and cannabis. It just makes perfect sense, no?
 Quoting: Dr. Greenthumb

first off...

just because SO many people consume cannabis doesn't mean they are right

with that being said, there are MANY people who use cannabis and are just fine :)

Naked Bodies? I thought a body is meant to be sacred? Should we not save ourselves for one?

Lets remember the hippies were wrong with their whole free love thing...

sex can trap the mind quicker than anything else
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1747431

Normally I don't respond to people that use your kind of logic, but I'll bite. Nothing about being naked means you're looking for an orgy. I personally believe that god really doesn't mind partner swapping as long as it's in good fun. If both spouses choose to "cheat" at the same time in eachother's company is it really still cheating? If at the end of the day the best sex they have is with eachother anyways? Orgies, are they ethical? That's the ONLY question that keeps me up at night. Since orgies occur in nature, I'm gonna say god wouldn't say no to fucking your best friends wife as long as she doesn't get an std/pregnant. If only the plant that acted as a natural contraceptive wasn't extinct.
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