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Poster Handle Desert Fox
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People kill much more including each other. Cat hunt to eat, people kill for profit. which is worse?
 Quoting: Ozi dude 33292379

Not so true, cats kill a lot just for fun one star tard.
 Quoting: Desert Fox

What makes you think I gave you one star? I gave you none. Cat kill for fun. Well Ok if you say so I ll have to ask a cat why he kills next time for fun or for food. In any case my point is human also kill for fun but more importantly they kill for profit and by that I mean power and money. So again which is worse. And do you really think you have more of claim of right to this planet to anyother animals? who introduced cats to the around the world. People did. Again where does the guilt lay??? A cat is a cat as a dog is a dog they do what they do because they are animals. We are the ones to blame for the world evil. Ifyou want to go further you could say God is one to blame because he made the world and us and therefore he is ultimately responsible for this mess.
 Quoting: Ozi dude 33292379

Killing for money is not good either, but there is no similarity of the two.
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