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Message Subject My Wife Is Going Through The Change. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's one thing to have difficulties dealing with the hormonal issues, etc.

It's another thing, though, to let your compromised condition be an excuse to act like a mother fucking idiot.

My mom was the latter.

She would hide in her room for days, only coming out at night to dump piss buckets and restock food to take back to her room. She would get angry and throw the dishes out of the cabinets and the like.

I was 17 at the time, and witnessed this. It forever colored my expectations and limitations I have placed on a woman.

Years ago I told my wife in no uncertain terms that when the time comes, I will make every effort to get her whatever help I can, with doctors or appropriate treatments. Refusal to do so is fine - so long as she doesn't follow my mom's path and act like a fucking idiot.

Hormones or not - she still has a brain, and knows where I stand.

At some point ALL of us have a measure of control, however small it may be.

I expect everyone to exercise whatever control they are able.

If you don't like that, too bad.
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