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Message Subject My Wife Is Going Through The Change. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this goes for men too...

most men at the age of 30 to 35 they have low testosterone

you have stress at work

you will get fat
have sickness
not much into sex
cant last during sex..

and men have PMS as well

men go through a change too
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18573293


No men wanna talk about this shit though. Too much wrapped up in their little fragile egos. What the fuck do they think testosterone is? Fuck, it's A HORMONE, MEN. A hormone, and flux of any hormone can happen to a MALE or a FEMALE. And men have prolactin, LH hormone, estrogen and progesterone in a special balance too, like women, just like women have testosterone in a special balance. It's not just a women's only club for "changes" due to hormones. I'm glad Low T (wow, they're even scared to say the word TESTOSTERONE!! LOL "let's call it low T") is being recognized as the issue it is with men, FINALLY. All my man does is sleep, SLEEP, sleep. Where is my sex? You get fed this party line that "All men think about is sex" and then you as a female get to feeling inadequate. I am in shape, sexy FIT and thin and in my early 30's. But my man would rather see the blankets than have sex. A man in said predicament would be applauded for seeking some strange, but if a woman like me goes for it, we're whores. Go fucking figure.
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