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Are You Awake... But...

G. Orwell
User ID: 33358913
United States
01/30/2013 08:49 PM
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Are You Awake... But...
You still allow your children to watch television, or Hollywood movies?

Then you are allowing them to develop the enemy's version of reality in their very impressionable minds, through the use of BLATANT propaganda. The enemy has the worlds BEST psychologists at their disposal, and have now even made propaganda LEGAL for use on the American public, even though it's been in use for many decades.

The level that this propaganda has reached cannot be underestimated. I cannot watch even a few minutes of television, or a recent Hollywood movie, without seeing one mind-conditioning tactic after another. But I can watch, knowing the agenda. Those who DON'T know the agenda, are absorbing this stuff exactly as intended.

If you allow your children to watch this stuff, without explaining to them (along the way) what the agenda is, so that they can discern for themselves what is being done to them, then you are creating future enemies for yourself, and helping to ensure the death of America.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30161597
United States
01/30/2013 08:59 PM
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Re: Are You Awake... But...
Your not awake. Shut up.