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Planet Alert February 2013

January was very challenging for many people. What a month that was with all the flu and colds that were going around and more stuff from the past coming up to be looked at and released. We were moving through the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. This means there was the interchange between those two planets. Saturn rules karma and old stuff, and Pluto rules transformation. The energy felt very heavy last month, at least to me.

Now the sun is moving through the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus. This is the planet of change, and Uranus is in the sign of Aries which means this month will bring us some kind of new beginning. We are getting closer to the Spring Equinox in March. This is when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries and we will start the astrological New Year. I am really looking forward to spring. I can hardly wait until the flowers start blooming.

I think many of us were looking forward to being in a new energy after December 21, 2012, and thinking everything would be alright from now on. The new energy is here, although we need to adjust to it so we can create what we choose to experience. We are in the time when what we think manifests almost instantly. This means to really pay attention to what you think, and focus on “Thinking with your heart”.

There was a Super Nova in February of 1987. After that we had the Harmonic Convergence which pushed us into a new time-line. This year the Bubbles at the center of our galaxy erupted, and it is like a huge fountain ejecting all kinds of magnetic energy into our galaxy. Magnetic energy is blue. Could this be what the Hopi talk about as the blue star dancing in the heavens? This event was stronger than thousands of Super Nova, and was announced on January 2, 2013 when the Sun was at the closest point to Earth. What will this cause on Earth? The saying is “As above-So below” because we are all one. We are already feeling this new energy.

We are getting ready to enter The Year of the Water Snake on February 9, 2013 at 11:20 PM PST. There will be more water events this year. Water also rules emotions and it rules spirituality. We are still in the year of the Storm in the Dreamspell calendar. Saturn is in Scorpio which is a water sign, Neptune is in Pisces which is another water sign, and Jupiter moves into Cancer in June. Jupiter moves into forward motion today (January 30) and this is a huge planet so we will start to see things moving forward. It’s time to tune into the new energy.

The Water Snake is more compassionate than the other types of snakes. This snake is gifted with strong charisma and is very inquisitive. It is shrewd in business and is materialistic. This snake possesses great mental abilities and powers of concentration. He can brush aside unimportant issues for effective overall planning. He never gets out of touch with reality. This snake is good at managing people and finances. Sounds like the economy might improve.

This year will be good for those who are able to tune into the higher frequency Earth. For those who are not able to do that yet there will be lots of challenges. Scorpio and Pluto rule the dark side of life. Scorpio rules the very depth of darkness and Pluto is transforming this darkness into light. This means that a lot of dark stuff will be brought out into the open to be looked at and transformed. Scorpio also has the symbol of the high flying eagle for those who have balanced their dark side. Hopefully a lot of people will reach for the eagle in the next two years.

These dark dramas are being played out by many different people. The most recent drama is about Lance Armstrong. He is really shaking up the field of sports. Everyone will have to look at the use of performance enhancing drugs and how unfair that is to the other performers. This is just one example. These dramas are being played out in all areas of life, including governments, financial systems, and the Vatican.

With Pluto in Capricorn lots of governments, businesses, corporations and structures have been coming down and new structures are being built. Look at all of the Earth changes that are happening and all of the houses and other structures that are gone. It sure has been hard on the people who have had to endure these changes. They have gone through their own personal Armageddon.

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