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Message Subject BREAKING: Orly Taitz Updates on Obama Case -- Articles getting scrubbed, email accounts hacked, additional RICO charge
Poster Handle Rinty
Post Content
I support Ms Taitz.
However..., I am new to the thread and want to know what aspect refers to RICO law.
Is Ms Taitz adding her case to a RICO?
Or have RICO charges been filed against her?

There have been over 1000 RICO cases attempted with the US government as defendant. Many years ago I discussed this with Linda Thompson who did the expose films on WACO. She said there were "...statutes withing statutes..." wherein if ever such a case went to full hearing the judge was mandated by law to on-the-spot put anyone in jail who had a possibility of being indicted for 'anything'. Sounds draconian but when thought about it is the only way the law would have any teeth.

Please, someone, help me understand.
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