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Message Subject why we need 30 round clips
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
why we need 30 round clips;

not that the gun grabbers will 'get it',
but they keep saying nobody can answer this, so;

1. the bad guys have them, so we should too, so we will not be out-gunned.

2. many gunfights last only a few seconds, then it is all over, all bullets expended, with one or both dead, or bad guy flees to avoid death, in way less than a minute.
there is LITERALLY NO TIME to reload, what you have in the gun is all you get to use.

3. reloading will get you killed.
while reloading, you are vulnerable.
they know this, and they will listen for it.
it is the sound of no bullets being fired.
they will try to kill you at that time.
putting in a fully loaded SPARE clip is fast, LOADING an empty clip takes WAY too much time.
better to have what you need, in the clip and ready to go, when you need it.
this is why cops, army, secret service, dea, customs, cia, fbi, etc, all carry these 'high capacity clips'.

4. shooting at someone, helps to prevent them from acurately aiming at you, and killing you.

5. there may be multiple intruders.

6. intruders may have bullet proof vests.

7. you might shoot the intruder, but hit him in a non vital spot, therefore, he is still able to shoot you.

8. you might not be the best shot in the world, so it takes you more bullets to get the job done.

9. many low level criminals do not carry lots of extra ammo, as they might need to ditch the gun in a hurry, before the crime, and they plan to ditch it after the crime, anyway, to get rid of the evidence.
having the edge on the number of bullets, greatly increases your chances of living.

10. ten bullets, 'a reasonable first step'.
piers morgan said many times that limiting clip size to 10 rounds was 'a reasonable first step';

what is the 'second step' ????
revolvers only, only 6 shots ??

what is the 'third step' ????
bolt action, fire one shot, then reload one bullet ??

11. bad guys can use doorways, corners, etc., for cover, making them hard to hit.

12. when seconds count, the cops are MINUTES away.

13. if it is not a short gunfight,
it will be a long one,
and that is where it is really is important to not run out of bullets.

you have to 'baby proof' your house, locking all the dangerous things away, so the baby will be safe, as it moves around freely.


they want to make the entire country safe for the FUCKING PSYCHOS to WALK FREELY AMONG US.



the doctor just gives them a prescription for a bottle of pills,
and sends them on their way,
with no guarantee they will take the pills,
or that the pill is even the RIGHT pill for what ails him.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33443012

...what's a clip.
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