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Why the U.S. government just declared an outrageous new war

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United States
02/01/2013 08:02 AM
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Why the U.S. government just declared an outrageous new war
What Dwight Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex has been feeding itself on fear campaigns since it was born. A never-ending carousel of Menacing Enemies – Communists, Terrorists, Latin American Tyrants, Saddam's chemical weapons, Iranian mullahs – has sustained it, and Cyber-Threats are but the latest.

This new massive expansion has little to do with any actual cyber-threat – just as the invasion of Iraq and global assassination program have little to do with actual terrorist threats.

It is instead all about strengthening the U.S.'s offensive cyber-war capabilities, consolidating control over the internet, and ensuring further transfers of massive public wealth to private industry continue unabated.

In other words, it perfectly follows the template used by the public-private U.S. National Security State over the last six decades to entrench and enrich itself based on pure pretext.

- Glenn Greenwald in his powerful article in the Guardian.

Glenn really knocked it out of the park today. What began as a story covering the latest revelation that the Pentagon will be increasing its cyber-security force more than fivefold, turned out to be a comprehensive and scathing critique of the surreptitious rise in the surveillance state gulag throughout these United States ever since 9/11.

He rightly makes the point that it is our own government that actually fired the first real opening shot in the "cyberwar," and as a result already essentially started war with Iran with the mobilization of the Stuxnet virus. So who's acting like a rogue nation?

From the Guardian:

As usual, though, reality is exactly the opposite. This massive new expenditure of money is not primarily devoted to defending against cyber-aggressors. The U.S. itself is the world's leading cyber-aggressor. A major purpose of this expansion is to...

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