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THE REASONS "WHY".........????

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02/01/2013 05:32 PM
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THE REASONS "WHY".........????
yes "THE ELITES' are far too big to stop, because their master Lucifer is "allowed" to rule over them. of course many people here will "not accept" that "THE END" of this life and world has already been "written"!!

peoples dreams are getting "smashed" every single day, the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer, Lucifer and his fallen angels along with "the elites" do not care one single bit.

the battle for "the souls" of men and woman still rages on after thousands of years, but "time" is nearly up for "all" humanity and Lucifer as well as his fallen angels.!!

THE GOOD BOOK tells "THE END" right at "THE BEGINNING" of what this world will be like and its people.!! "why" has GOD allowed it all "you ask".???? it all boils down to "redemption" of "THOSE WHOM ARE HIS"!!

NOT ALL OF HUMANITY BORN HERE BELONGS TO GOD!!no one born here "chooses" such a thing, especially whom "THEIR FATHER" will be. GODS OWN CHILDREN "PERISH" FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE", so "earning" eternal life can "not" happen at all!!

NO ONE CAN GET "SAVED" BUY WHAT THEY DO OR SAY, one is either "born" of GOD [their father] or they are not. yes a persons "flesh" gets in the way,but all that arrive in heaven "will be judged" on what they did or not do in their life while alive on earth.!!

NO ONE IS "SAVED" BY WORKS!! but "our works" will determine our "reward" and will be given once there in heaven. or after "judgement"!!

it is GOD AND GOD ALONE that does "the work" inside the hearts of "HIS OWN CHILDREN" by "their own acceptance" of "the sacrifice" of JESUS CHRIST!!

it is "not a belief" in JESUS CHRIST alone that gets their "passage to heaven" because "the devil" also believes in JESUS CHRIST. but it is "the acceptance" within their own hearts "the sacrifice" JESUS CHRIST made in taking their place of "punishment"!!

i hear an outcry already of "what punishment" i did not "ask" to be born here, what sin did i do as a child.???? that is "where" most have missed it all. "sin did not start" with Adam and Eve here on earth, it started up in "the heavens" BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN CREATED.!!

"humanity" was thrown out of heaven and "cast into the earth literally" GOD BEING GOD could have just "SPOKEN" a word and "Adam" would have "appeared" but no GOD "FORMED" Adam from "THE EARTH" from which he was "thrown into" and out from heaven previously"!!

Adam was "the first" to become "redeemed back" from his EARTHLY prison" and his "spirit" was placed within a "prison of FLESH"!!!!

WHY I HEAR YOU ASK.???? as parents do we not "punish" our own children for wrong doings.???? WHY???? BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM!!! placing his "spiritual" children within a "prison of flesh" was "the only way" to REDEEM THEM ALL BACK TO HIMSELF.!!

EVEN THOUGH HIS PLAN STILL needed "punishment" to be meted out for the "continued sin" his children would make after they were "born" and grew into adults. that is "why" JESUS CHRIST TOOK THE "PUNISHMENT" that GOD required in his other children's place.!!!!

Adam "fell twice", first up in heaven as a "SPIRIT" then once again in "THE GARDEN", GOD knew it all before he "created anything", his plan was to "show" the angels of heaven and the demonic realm that "his children" that were "tricked" by LUCIFER up in the heavens to "rebel" against his rule could be "redeemed" back "to where they belonged"

IT HAS TAKEN thousands of years of "earthly time" to do just that, but "when" the number of "his children" are finally "born" into this earthly life, then the end will come, and that time is upon this planet right now.

"when" the ANTICHRIST [Alexander the great] appears, then this world will only have 3 and a half years left before "GODS FINAL JUDGEMENT"!!