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Just had a Dream, Think God showed me something to smarten my ass up.

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User ID: 30972483
02/02/2013 04:20 AM
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Just had a Dream, Think God showed me something to smarten my ass up.
I was reading a book of Carlos Castenada and was getting really sleepy. I fell asleep.

My dream was, I was walking up a muddy road towards my cousins house, I saw a girl who might have been his girlfriend in the driveway by the vehicles. I went closer to talk and then followed her into the house, well, the Entryway, and I sawmy cousins Mother and Said Hello Arlene, and saw his father behind her further inside and I said Hey G, Becuz his Nickname is Gee. Anyway, I saw a few other of my younger cousins, the 18 to 20 year olds, we stood talking to Arlene and G in the kitchen area and we started talking and looking at our clothes and shoes. I touched the back opf my neck because I was hot from walking up the hill and was full of sweat, an told my Cuz to touch my neck, He said Your wearing so much clothes!
I Had on a sweater and Jacket plus two under shirts But I didn't think it was too much.

Then I went back outside because I saw some kids, little bad asses, a girl and two boys, which almost looked like monsters and a bunch of weapons or tools, Like Axes and chopping stuff. They were like testing them.

I went closer and saw some familiar ones and some that didn't look practical. I asked the biggest boy which one he liked the most. He said the one with the long head, I went to where he pointed at some tall grass, and the girl approached to show me but I picked it up, heavy black steel looking axe, But its blade was dull as if it had been used alot and needed a really good sharpen.
The girl then took it and there was a little guy like a monster or a boy, and She striked his head dead center on top and made a deep gash to between his eyes.
I was shocked that she just did that and thought is this real?

I walked around and went back to the house and was now on the Patio looking at them and Arlene was climbing up a ladder to another Patio above the one I was standing on, connected to another house above.
The Patio I was on was a bit rickety and loose and shook when I moved and the ladder shook and I said OH SORRY! and tried to move closer to the ladder to hold it still so she wouldn't fall, but she had made it to the top.

Now I was upstairs in the room with G and Arlene and there were two babies, like a young toddler, being bad, Not wanting to listen and trying to push Arlene away through a door with red letters and hit G, But G said something about Children and Christian Schooling, and I said I will put my kid in christian school when I have kids and G, or I, Picked up each Child and there was a large hole in the floor and the floor was also sloping, I, or G lifted the baby over and into the hole so his head hung down and as if he might be able to see and fall in. Arlene Asks G what is the opening lines of the Bible and he starts saying, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. and I looked at him like wow he's knows it! I barely do.

Now I'm in a room with my Uncle watching TV and I understand and hear in my mind that the Bible or the creation is true and I could see on TV the earth flying through space at a good speed, just cruising, and as if its been Hijacked by Aliens or Demons or so, and I could feel that this was trying to stop Gods plan. And I saw creatures and things in space some very large like Monsters size of like 6 earths and It was like a video game to protect the earth. Shooting or avoiding and missing and passing obstacles like monsters or Giant Demi Gods or demons and stuff. It was pretty Wild, I Even said wow this stuff is really true, Just like space invaders, or some kind of Game or movie story, But its real. Whoaa.

then My mom came in and pressed some button on the remote and I wanted to press the info button on the remote to see what the episode was called or whatever because I had my notebook in my lap and wanted to look it up later but she pressed some button and the tv went blank liek she pressed the input button or something on the wrong remote and I tried to change it back before I missed the rest of the show. But I took out a red marker and Wrote the Name Jeremy.

And I wake up.

I thought about it and felt like God showed me what was up. Answering some of my questions. And that maybe the new house upstairs was the heaven or new earth that is supposed to be being created. And I was the baby compared to G, or God rather. And he showed me whats in the hole. Boom.

anyway, thought I'd just share that. Maybe I'd better stop reading Castenada even tho I find it real interesting. Plus some of the other questionable things I might be doing.
Think I'm being led, or shown whats happening if I don't live a more Christ like life. God bless you all.

User ID: 27895554
United States
02/02/2013 04:30 AM

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Re: Just had a Dream, Think God showed me something to smarten my ass up.
bump for later
User ID: 24577177
United States
02/02/2013 04:49 AM
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Re: Just had a Dream, Think God showed me something to smarten my ass up.
brother that dream was for you, remember the name, jermany, can't spell, and he will or already is in your life. pay attention. things are fixing to change in a big way.

READ YOUR BIBLE, COMPLETE THE WHOLE BOOK, YOU'LL NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH! the bible holds that truth. get busy and good luck...chip