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Dream Of Possible Egyptian mission coming up..... Non vary-viable


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United Kingdom
02/02/2013 05:43 AM

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Dream Of Possible Egyptian mission coming up..... Non vary-viable
All of last night I had a dream that their was a collapse in Egypt and it was split u in factions, Kind of like Iraq they were all fighting for control of land, then In the dream I was watching C4 news and it showed that British forces were present in western Sinai they were art of a containment force, to stop Israel from rolling into Egypt and to stop arms from reaching the Gaza Strip all to stop Israel from popping of rounds at people and to stop a regional war or a world war and in the dream the Brits were fighting of various Factions from all over Egypt.....

Crazy dream I know but thought I'd share this as the scenario seems quite plausible to an extent
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