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Message Subject Our origins are WAY beyond our current understanding
Poster Handle PigsInSpace
Post Content
IMO of course.

i commend everyone with their jesus theories and evolution theories but we've only truely been aware of the universe around us for a very short time.

anyone who thinks that they have all the answers is a tard.

evolution gets a leg up because you at least have physical artifacts to observe but even with that you could never reproduce it in an experiment that would show the results needed to make it fact.

great topic, probably the most important topic, but dont be so full of yourself that you arent open to other possiblities.
 Quoting: Oyster

I noticed this thread and the "Christians and Atheists" thread... and both go out on a limb to state something which I believe is premature.

I am not a christian, but I do consider myself religious, i am not anything that can be attributed to labels that govern this planet. i have found knowledge and information which is so much deeper and richer than any "divine" source that governs the collective mind. it is often in places most people would not look but it is alive and thriving because good minds have protected it. there are answers to your questions if you seek them. the mysteries of all creations can be understood by human beings for you are a piece of the answer. this is a fractal universe. you are connected to the answers right now.
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