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Message Subject Our origins are WAY beyond our current understanding
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The only light we can see is the light reflected within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic spectrum is only 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe. Human sight can see only a tiny fraction of these electromagnetic frequencies. So imagine how little of the universe we can actually perceive and decode into 'physical' reality.

We are told what we see is real and yet we see so little, a tiny weeny fraction of what's really there.

Each night all humans, animals and many plants produce a chemical to enhance sleepiness. Twice in our lives we produce huge quantities of this chemical.... at birth and at death. Scientists gave these large doses to terminal ill cancer patients back in the 80's and all no longer feared death.

The problem was trying to explain what they saw because the mind cannot comprehend or explain in detail what was seen. How do you explain to someone who was born blind what the color green is? It's the same problem. There are no words to describe it.

I believe that many of the answers lay in what we can't comprehend and they will stay hidden while we maintain that our body-suits have all the tools necessary to discover the answers.

We live in a fear based system but there is nothing to fear.
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Flawless victory mate
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