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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle simultaneous_final
Post Content
Once again you people have no faith. No faith means you are not in God's grace. Faith without works is dead like a body without a spirit.

Here is my work. Look around you. Is it not apparent that this Earth age is ending? How much more proof do you need than that? It is written in a book today called the Holy Bible, once a collection of scrolls. All these tomes witness to each other on these very things taking place today.

What about the fact that numbers have meaning in the bible and consistently mean the same thing across all scripture, regions, languages, cultures, and centuries? This is proof of a divine influence.

What about the figures of speech, patterns in language, that also span across all scripture, regions, languages, cultures, and centuries? More proof of divine influence.

What about the FACT that Jesus Christ lived on earth for approximately 33 years and IS GOD in the flesh? Extra-biblical accounts are recorded by historians of that time. He preformed all the miracles accounted for in the Holy Scriptures and it was documented.

What about all biblical archaeology? Is that not scientific proof of the Holy Scriptures? What more?

So any that do not know the Son, do not know the Father. And HE does not and will not know you either. Any WICKED man that says God does not exist is wholly IGNORANT, and lacks knowledge and is accounted as an antichrist. We were warned of these types.

To try and discredit something, you must first know everything about it. They surely have not read anything nor do they know anything.

In the end, it does not matter. GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! This age is ending now. Get your ways straight and live in His Word. It is your choice. But regardless of what you choose, it does not affect any true Christ-man or Christ-woman because we are righteous and have the VICTORY through Christ Jesus in the end. All that persecuted us will be made subject unto us in the time to come. And I personally will make it a point to be a very, very, very strict teacher and ruler.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18225135

What you don't understand (probably because you didn't even read the original post) is that I DO have faith. I believe in God. I had an NDE and met God. It was as real to me as anything else I've experienced.

But I can't PROVE it to anyone. It would be futile to try. So even though I trust my perception, I would be asking A LOT to expect others to trust something that is purely subjective.
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