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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle LSDreamer
Post Content
> Complains about people arguing about god.

> Makes an argument for god.

Everyone who enters the god debate knows that there is no final answer, thus making it the argument that never goes stale. It is one of the oldest arguments and one that will never go away.

I think you will also find that most atheists have no problem with someones individual belief in god, just what that person does with said belief.
 Quoting: LSDreamer

I used my own experiential data as a falsifiable example.

I certainly am NOT arguing FOR or AGAINST the concept of a god or gods.

If I'm mistaken, then explain how.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

First things first, stop saying you used experimental data, you didn't. Experimental data is a scientific process using measurements, provable test method etc.

You joined the argument when you said I believe in god because of X, if you thought no one was going to challenge you on that position, why make the thread? If you don't want to have the argument, why state it? I believe that near death experiences are shown by science to be from the release if chemicals in your brain, or the brains reaction to a sudden onset of extreme stress in the case of near miss car accidents etc.

I already explained that everyone who enters the debate knows that there is no end to it, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be debated.
 Quoting: LSDreamer

I believe that my experience was as genuine as any other experience that I've had in normal waking reality due to the similarities in sensory perception making my experience indistinguishable from normal waking experiences.

I mentioned the experience as a FALSIFIABLE EXAMPLE of what someone might call "proof".

Also, "experiential data" in its strictest sense is data (in my case sensory data) that is subjectively experienced.

The only reason for which it can be said that the god/no god debate "should" be had is that it can be demonstrated that NO CONCLUSION CAN BE REACHED.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Many apologies but I did misread your post as another user pointed out. All I can say to you then is if you believe the whole "we can't even prove we are awake" argument then there is no point in you making this thread, you shouldn't even have an opinion on it.
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