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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle They'refixingtheroad
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Your religous calling was caste on plates of stone by the flaming finger of an angry God. Our religion was established the traditions of our ancestors. The dreams of our elders that are given to them in the silent hours of the night by the Great Spirit. And the premonitions of the learned Beings. It is written in the hearts of our people, THUS, we do not require churches which would only lead to us to argue about GOD. We do not wish this.

EARTHLY things may be argued about by men, butt we never argue over GOD. And the thought that white men should rule over nature and change its ways following his liking was never understood by the RED man. Our belief is that the Great Spirit has created all things. Not just mankind, but all animals, all plants, all rocks... For us all, life is holy.

But you do not understand our prayers when we address the sun, moon, and winds. You have judged us without understanding only because are prayers are different. But we are able to live in harmony with all of nature. All of nature is within us and we are part of all nature.

-- White Cloud
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