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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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You bring up sound points and solid arguments. For myself I worship nothing, and believe in much. I am quite positive that there is an afterlife, based on personal experiences. What it is exactly? I am far from sure. But I believe that the essence of what makes us an individual survives on eternally. Is there a God? Yes, but this spirit is not what Christians believe. I believe this spirit we name as God does not control, punish, judge, blame or interfere. We all have free will and choice. How we live our lives and conduct ourselves is choice and can be a gift and a punishment for the soul. I believe God is the Universe, and everything in it, small and large. God is in all of us in the good AND bad we do everyday.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33543587

But what you believe is not Universal truth, it is your opinion, and you made GOD into your image....
 Quoting: christian

Well DUH, Susie. What do you think you do everytime you think about 'God' and what 'God' means to you? You project your own understanding and your own conceptualization of what 'God' signifies to YOU based on your awareness level. Just like the men who wrote the bible did. Why do you think there is murder, slavery, rape, spite, vengeance, and jealousy in that book that you worship? Those are HUMAN actions & HUMAN emotions that are projected & attributed to 'God' from the minds of men. There is no need to criticize someone for having his/her own conceptualizations about 'God' just because you believe 'God' is found in a book and don't realize that you are also creating your own image of 'God' in your own mind.

In Judaism they have one concept of GOD that is verified in the Tanach and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
 Quoting: christian

All religions/cultures created their own ideas about 'God' / 'Gods' and encouraged their followers/people of their time to subscribe to them. Sumerian 'Gods', Egyptian 'Gods', Greek 'Gods', Roman 'Gods', Mayan 'Gods', Hindu 'Gods'. Judaism is no different along with the other monotheistic religions. What is your point here? Have you noticed how the conceptualization of 'God'/'Gods' changes over time and from culture to culture? Why do you think that is?
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