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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle BossBitch
Post Content
The flaw in that story is that one type of faith is due to simple logic and evidence, whilst the other type is due to brainwashing. You cannot compare them as equals.

By your reasoning, you would have to have "faith" about everything, every second of every day. For example, you will probably plan meetings tomorrow on the premise that you are still going to be alive. You don't know that 100%, but with simple logic and reasoning, you can ascertain that there is a great probability, and therefore can justify your "faith".

The other type of faith is blind, desperate, grasping-at-straws belief in something regardless of wether it follows logic and reasoning. For example, the group of people that all commited suicide due to their "faith" that a UFO was coming to take them away. Faith due to brainwashing is not the same as faith due to logic, sorry.

What you mean is some of us can use logic and reasoning, and some of us can't. I already knew that though.
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