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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle AtsuiPanda
Post Content
I like you OP, your christian and know the truth that we can not prove there is or isnt , i dont believe in a being creating us really but more like the universe is god, i get shit on here because i reject this but i like jesus as a man and so on anyways idk the truth no one does but i do know these arguments are useless and will divide us as people. Peace!
 Quoting: AtsuiPanda

Sorry but I'm not a Christian. I was raised Jewish.

If you're wondering, my NDE didn't have anything to do with Jesus. The guy wasn't mentioned.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Ohh, well maybe i should have been more specific you believe in the arabic god, better? anyways, still good to know not all religious people get all crazy hf all tho quite a few are cool here.
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