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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle simultaneous_final
Post Content
All of you think faith means you have to blindly believe in God. It is not faith in whether God is real or not! Wow! Think!

Faith is in God's promises! A person is supposed to have faith in all that God said He is and will do. Not faith in whether you think He is actually there. Because anyone that believes on Him is a believer, not a faith-er.

When you make a deal with someone it is in good "faith" that both parties will live up their respective commitments. That is the type of faith you must have. Everyone is confusing the type of faith.

God even states that you are to remind Him of the promises that He has made to His children. Not because He has forgotten them. No. He wants to know that you have studied all that He said He was going to to do. Faith in knowing that He will fulfill all that He has said will come to pass just as it is written.

And as I stated before, you don't have to go far to find proof of God. Asking for proof is actually an insult to God. You are like the Pharisees that asked for a sign when God stood before them as Jesus Christ. They were wicked and of their father Satan. I believe the wicked are even present here on this forum, especially the God-less bastard that stated they vomited in their mouth. Guess what... God actually says the same thing about people like you. He says that people like you make him sick to the point of vomiting - in the scripture.

Btw... Peter said there would be scoffers in these days. That they would question if God even existed and where are the promises. OOOOhh... they are happening everyday now and more are coming. Like a freight train!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18225135

What proof do you have that God exists? I can list many logical, intelligent reasons I believe I will wake up in the morning. I can justify my faith that I will be alive tomorrow. What about you? Do you have logical, intelligent reasons, a clear chain of evidence we can all follow that will show a great probability that God exists? If so, I would like nothing more than to read that list right now.
 Quoting: BossBitch

Please. This thread settled that matter. There is no unfalsifiable proof that ANYTHING exists beyond your moment-to-moment concept of self.

This could be a wacky dream. When you wake up, you'll realize how silly it is to sit in a chair instead of a hatstand.
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