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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle BossBitch
Post Content
Please. This thread settled that matter. There is no unfalsifiable proof that ANYTHING exists beyond your moment-to-moment concept of self.

This could be a wacky dream. When you wake up, you'll realize how silly it is to sit in a chair instead of a hatstand.
 Quoting: simultaneous_final

Okay, this is what you guys are doing.

You're in court, they've had a long and lengthy trial for a serial killer. The jury deliberates. The whole court in on the edge of their collective seats. Finally, the judge is going to read the verdict.

Instead, he strips off his robe and streaks around the courtroom, yelling "Justice is nothing but an abstract concept, there is no proof that it exists, and this could be a wacky dream! Hurrah!

Well, sure it could. The judge may in fact be right, but it is quite hard to live life on that premise. We live our lives in a certain context, collectively agreeing on at least a few universal truths, natural laws, and perspectives of reality.

For you to say "well, what if it was revealed that reality isnt reality?. If "X" happened, then everybody's point is moot."
I can make a list of "X"s that would make everybody's point moot, but I would decline to suggest people live their lives based on "what ifs".

As a matter of fact, this is how people get trapped in religion, because despite being able to see clearly the greater possibility that no deity exists, there is that little voice in their head that whispers "but what if....what if he is real...what if this is all a test of my faith...what if i go to Hell"

I'll stop now because I'll end up debating with you forever, and everybody will be sick to death of me if they arent already. Enjoyed the thread.
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