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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle jj24seven
Post Content
IMO I've seen situations that I believe (more than one instance) where only the hand of god could explain certian reasons. my own personal struggles, family and situations fixed as well.(30yrs+ drinker in family quit overnight, someone wake from coma, healed from depression <-that is a terrible state of mind to deal with, 10+ deaths in 1 year but i'm at peace in my heart, not suffering.
In my faith if i deny jesus, he will deny me before his father (which is why i think so many people get upset when christians defend their beliefs and it causes misunderstandings between one another) and i will always defend what i believe to be very real. alpha & omega, my name is written in the book of life.
my faith also teaches me not to judge (i try not to do god's job) so i respect everyone's free will and their beliefs. who they believe in and answer to is their bussiness. I try to spread the word of god but never by force. We don't always have the answers but when horrible life experiences such as a death in the family, i'm able to make peace within my heart just knowing i'll see my loved one again (just an example of my many reasons to believe)...
i read people say the bible has been messed with and changed...it's possible, so i pray and when i feel what's right in my heart, i begin to understand. it's all about your spiritual.
honestly, with all this good vs. evil out there in the world, it confirms to me that each do exist. I'm not perfect and i fall short everyday but i'm a better person then i ever was since giving my life to god. that i'm 100% positive about and give all the glory to god...
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