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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What I cannot get my head around is, if there is a God, and I don't know if there is or not, where did (S)he originate from?

In our perception of reality, everything has a beginning point and an end point, surely if you go back for long enough, at what point did God appear? Indeed How did God appear? How did anything and everything get started in the first place?

Sorry I got a headache just thinking about it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23956419

God did not have an origination point. (S)he invented time and exists outside of it. Therefore God had no beginning and no end. God didn't "appear", God always was. And everything got started because God had a creative thought, and here we are.

If God had a starting point, (S)he would have an end point. And I find that thought disconcerting. As perplexed as you are, always wondering who/what created God, I am equally as perplexed wondering how people could think God was created.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7244743

thanks for the reply, but i still cant get my head out of this time paradigm. I just cannot comprehend something that was always there. I keep thinking 'well God MUST have started at some point". If you go back long enough, there has to be a starting point or maybe it is true that our minds are just not powerful enough to comprehend.

I don't know, my head is starting to hurt again
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