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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
Well some atheists don't believe at all? Some Christians get frustrated with that. Well that's a tiny minority, so why are you so frustrated? Do you really want to convince them by reason? If so, then you must use a frame of reference that is logical, and philosophy is probably the best way to witness to those kinds of nonbelievers.

I think you'll find a true atheist is very very rare. Most people see Nature and well awestruck by the enormous beauty of it. That means the preponderance of them are not atheists but agnostics.

They think it's possible, not plausible that God exists. However the main stumbling point is not that God exists, it's the existence of Evil and the way God in the Old Testament does very brutal things.

Please watch this, even if an atheist or agnositic, for I think you'll at least feel a sense of wonder at Creation, and it's not that preachy or condemning like you're used to Christians being. He makes a mistake and mispronounces Rigel, but that's not a big error.

A lot of agnostics who become friends with Christians who then discuss in calm ways, the existence of God, they are far more receptive to seeing this and talking gently about Creation. In reality, we own an enormous debt to scientists for helping us understand God's Universe because of their devotion to Reason.

They are not the enemy. They are potential believers who know more than we do and if won over, then powerful Christians.
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

Well said. As an Agnostic I am open to the idea of a creator. I've always said that there is no such thing as a true atheist. While there are only 20 major religions there are millions of minor ones, and to be a true atheist you would have to discount those as well. It's easy to just lay out a blanket statement and say that all religion is bunk, but then you fall into the same category as a religious person who discounts all other religions out of hand because they believe in this certain god.

I think that we could all agree in an infinite universe that there are infinite probabilities. And with those infinite probabilities the existence of some form of creator not only becomes highly likely, but a near certainty.

Militant atheists piss me off almost as much as militant christians. When someone says they don't believe as you do, let them be... You'll not win them over by badgering, belittling, and cajoling them.
 Quoting: AgnosticDeity

Equally well communicated! The vast number of people I have met in college and graduate school were deeply thougtful people who had devoted their lives to very intentional study of many great writings, both the ones they might be passionate about in the Sciences or the Humanities but also reading spiritual texts too.

Some neurscientists would say that because the pineal gland produces an organic compound similar to DMT, then this part of our anatomy is producing chemicals that affect the brain and make us think in mystical ways. It might be where the soul resides, for we know that when someone dies, they have no brain activity, and yet often even if they don't believe in God, they have very complex highly intricate ideas while brain dead. That points to consciousness existing outside the body. I believe that since physicists propose that there are eleven dimensions not the four we think of, that the soul persists in all 11 dimentions at once and so it doesn't need the body. Then the soul might be release at death for an afterlife.

If you believe in the multiverse theory proposed by physicists, then each decision we make could then play out in another multivese. There may be an infinite number of you living in all of them simultaneously. Is that radical idea less believeable than God? To be God is very easy to believe.
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