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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
Are you making up with me? :-). :hf:

Ok, so it would have been really awesome if you had said, "I love those videos!" Or "OMG, what a great find! Can't wait to watch them!"
I like them soooo much, I thought of only you when I went to find them. rose
Are you laughing yet? tounge my mission is to make you smile today! Honest. :)
 Quoting: PENG

My dear friend, I have felt close to you every day since I first met you. Even if we had a disagreement, it was very minor, and if you had spoken to me in person or on the phone you would immediately have felt self-assured. I don't ever stay upset more than moments. I am lucky that way.

I'm sure they are wonderful and I will watch them, I promise, if only because I value your opinion as well as your most excellent friendship. You are a superb friend and a credit to women in general and a True Lady.

Since I have written perhaps as much as 20 pages of material in a matter of a couple of hours, then I think I can be forgiven for not watching the videos while I act as an ambassador for Christ and an apologist for rational Humanity too.
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