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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
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Another proof of the existence of God:
[link to www.philosophyofreligion.info]
"The Argument from Contingency

In the case of the argument from contingency, the distinction drawn between the universe and God is that the existence of the universe is contingent, i.e. that the universe could have not existed. Everything that exists contingently, the argument from contingency claims, has a cause of its existence. As the universe is contingent, then, the universe has a cause of its existence, and that cause is God.

The uncaused existence of God, whose existence is not contingent but rather is necessary, is consistent with the initial claim of this argument: “Everything contingent has a cause.” Again, then, God’s uncaused existence does not give rise to the problem encountered in the discussion of the simple cosmological argument above.

Each of these two forms of the cosmological argument, then, evades the objection introduced above in a distinct way. The first does so by distinguishing between things that have a beginning in time and things that do not. The second does so by distinguishing between things that are contingent and things that are necessary. In each case it is argued that the universe is of the former kind, that God is of the latter kind, and that the principle that everything has a cause applies only to things of the former kind, and therefore not to God."
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