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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
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Another proof for the existence of God:
[link to www.philosophyofreligion.info]
"The Perfectionist Moral Argument

(1) We ought to be morally perfect.
(2) If we ought to be morally perfect, then we can be morally perfect.
(3) We cannot be morally perfect unless God exists.
(4) God exists."

Kant's moral argument for God:
[link to www.philosophyofreligion.info]
"Kant’s Moral Argument

(1) Moral behaviour is rational.
(2) Morality behaviour is only rational if justice will be done.
(3) Justice will only be done if God exists.
(4) God exists.
Moral Behaviour is Rational

Moral behaviour, Kant is adamant, is rational behaviour; we have good reason to be moral. This is a fundamental principle of morality: if you ought to do something then you have a reason to do it. It makes no sense to say “I see that I ought to give money to charity, but I have no reason to.” If we ought to do something then that is a reason to do it. What is more, a moral reason is always a stronger reason for doing something than any other reason. If we have a moral reason to do a thing, and another reason not to do it, then rationally speaking we ought to do it. Moral behaviour is always rational.
Moral Behaviour is Only Rational if Justice Will be Done"
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