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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content

So you agree that it is a fallen world? There will be justice -- there will be judgement!

Jesus Christ payed a price we could not pay. Now that is love.
 Quoting: Adventus Domini

Actually he paid the same price we all eventually pay. He died just like each and every one of us will.

My question is how can you preach about gods love when there is absolutely no evidence of it?
 Quoting: AgnosticDeity

All you see is the darkness. The light dispells the darkness, but that requires letting the light in.
 Quoting: Adventus Domini

Maybe I'm not communicating my point well enough, so I'll use an example.

I have 2 children were I ever to see either of them in danger, or suffering, I would do whatever was in my power to end that suffering. Your god turns a blind eye to the suffering of the billions of his supposed children. Now where is the love in that example?

Will my children suffer hardship that I cannot help them with? Absolutely. The difference is that I am not an omnipresent omnipotent all powerful being. Because if I were the answer to my previous question would be not a damn chance.
 Quoting: AgnosticDeity

I'll attempt this, but I'm exhausted so you might have to wait for a reply.

Supposed that God decided, "I will set things in motion for Humanity to be stewards of my Creation. That's what I set in motion as the covenant between us in the Garden of Eden. They possess all they need to care for one another. They have two hand to hold, two legs to move, a highly advanced brain, eyesight, a mouth to communicate, etc. Because of Free Will, I cannot directly intervene, for to do so would violate that Law. I sent my Son to intervene as a ransom for All Time. They chose to crucify Him as I foresaw it. Now they must fix the mess that they're in. I will watch and affect the Universe, but the problem of suffering is theirs to solve, for by doing so, they will understand the difficulties of Love and Discord, Good and Evil, and I cannot explain it all any more than I already have done so. In fact, because of grace, they can accept eternal life simply by believing in my Son and accepting grace since they cannot stop sinning."

This is one reason suffering might exist. Who can know?

Remember, how do you feel about an amoeba? Do you think twice about one? Yet God loves people through time (for the most part save the enemies of Israel). Who is more loving, one single being who cares for their own children, or God?
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