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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle simultaneous_final
Post Content
Overall, I like your thinking OP. Just wondering, have you looked into

1. Quantum Mechanics (real QM and not quantum quackery)
and its significances (or what it really means, as in, no solid matter)

2. Chaos Theory

3. Consciousness itself as primordial


What do you think of the Universe/multiverse as a quantum fractal that is self aware as a hypothesis.

Your thoughts please.
 Quoting: philo-sophia

1. I have a degree in 2ndary Math/Physics/Chem Education. So I'm well-aware of Quantum Mechanics (Physics 102 where I'm from, so to speak).

2. Chaos Theory - A theory (or group thereof) that depends too much on "initial conditions" (YET in a dynamic universe). WORTHLESS, IMHO.

3. What IS consciousness? It is (at least) "A subject which observes itself". But a rock does that... What about "a subject which observes itself observing itself"? A plant does that AND SO ON. Exponentially so.
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