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Message Subject Thread for Atheists & Christians - STFU
Poster Handle zabalzis
Post Content

According to the statistics I've seen, there are perhaps 15,000 Gnostics worldwide. It's not even a proper religion, with only a handful of organized places of worship and leadership.

Gnostic thought is a mishmash of practically a dozen religions. They purport to be true Christians but then there's no documents earlier than the Fifth century. They were a heretical cult that totally fabricated every aspect of Christianity.

On GLP there are many Gnostic Christians who actually make crazy claims. Most have very bad red karma ratings for making those claims.

Despite all the things you claim to believe, most of you worship Lucifer. On many Gnostic websites there are clear Satanic symbols.

You are hopeless deluded and worshiping evil. I can think of no worse religion, or a more dangerous cult.
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

LOL... Now I really had to laugh at this one... When you know who is really behind christianity, and islam for that matter... The statement, that I am deluded and worshipping evil is very ironic...

No, it is you, who are deluded and worshipping evil...Wolve's in sheeps clothing comes to mind...

Btw, I really do not know what gnostic refers to... To me, it is all a bunch of labels, that means nothing... But, I can assure you, the last thing I would ever get involved in, is a group of any kind...

All groups are infiltrated... It is go your own way...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17551129

You see folks, the Gnostics believe in one of the oldest heresies. They think that the god of the old testament is the demiurge. It has it's roots in Marcionism which can be dated to about 144 AD.
Gnostic documents date to the Fifth Century.

Then they decided to mix in some Buddhism and declare that some people are Bodhisattvas.

Then they decided to mix in some Luciferians who were doing there own thing but some decided to infiltrate the Gnostics.

Then they hooked some the Alchemists, then Rosicrucians, then Illuminati, Free Masonry.

Then they adopted New Age practices in the 20th Century and channeling.

They've been around in force since the Fifth Century though. Because it's a mishmash, then one Gnostic can believe in practically whatever they want. It's not like anyone of their beliefs will criticize them.

Of course they can't get away from their early beliefs in Lucifer and they totally re-wrote their version on the Bible. It probably would have died out, but there were a couple found during the medieval period of the Crusades as well as the 17th Century. Then in the modern era a cache was found at Nag Hammadi.

It is very dangerous. It has nothing to do with Christianity, but they like to infiltrate any discussion of Christianity. They start by talking about the Gospel of Thomas, then usually Enoch.
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

See Bolded...

Nope, beep, wrong... As I said before, you are clueless, about what is really taking place on this planet...You will never find it by researching religious material... It will lead you down many rabbit holes as intended, until you expire...

Btw, you keep referring to me as gnostic, when I told you, I do not know what it means, and I DO NOT associate with any group...

But, I get your drift - you do not like gnostics and wish to bash them... They probably feel the same about you...

Ah endgame, it was never meant to go out peacefully!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17551129

you are right 100% man !! this guy actually tricked me ten minute ago to beelive him on what he said , my bad i did`t wrote all his treads to understand clearly what he really mean , he is a good thinker and a god man i think , but he is wrong in this way , really he has no clue about that , by the way he use this word " mishmash " !! , he knows what this word mean or the origin of this word ?!!?!
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